LED Sensor Toilet Seat Night Light

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  • Toilet lamp is special, it will emit appropriate soft light at night. The toilet lamp has an inductive device, which automatically turns on the switch when you are near, and turns off automatically when you leave.  
  • You don't have to waddle around looking for a bathroom when you're sleeping in the middle of the night.  
  • Toilet lamps incorporate a visual positioning system for night lights. What's better is thattoilet lamps can also be positioned with different colors of light (8 colors).  
  • Light source: LED  
  • Product Material: ABS Plastics  
  • Power: 1W  
  • Set it to color rotation (8 colors 120 seconds each color can be fixed for 15 seconds at random); one cycle of the lamp is 120 seconds, and if the person is gone but the lamp has started to feel, it will not be extinguished until 120 seconds later.  
  • Induction distance is about 2 meters.