LED Toilet Seat Cover Ligths UV Disinfection Toilet Lid Lamps Hanging Type Infrared Motion Sensor Nightlight 16 Colors

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When working, when the induction to the human body, LED lights automatically open, people leave, the system automatically sensing and opening ultraviolet UV disinfection, UV will not affect life. The new toilet toilet lamp is lighting intelligent control of ultraviolet radiation disinfection time, while increasing the fragrance, make full use of the heat of the circuit board, to further purify the environment smell.


Name: 16 color UV UV disinfection toilet lamp

Packing Qty: 100pcs

Packing information: 31*29*50cm color box packaging   packing weight: 8.6kg    

Gross weight of a single product: 82G (including packaging), without packaging 75 grams

Product size: 70*65*25mm

Packing size: 95*70*50mm

16 colors are lit up, for example: