NEW- Spy Ear Earphone Earpiece Invisible Hidden Wireless Secret for Mobile Phone

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Available Sizes: Medium

Spy Ear Piece Earbud Device Mini Wireless Earpiece Earphone for Mobile Phone 3.5mm Jack 

Product Introduction: 

This is the smallest wireless earpiece in the world. It is perfect for communication privately or secretly. We do not recommend using this system for illegal purpose. 

Product Feature: 

Universal Compatibility. Work with any model of cell phone, MP3 and Radio that accepts 3.5mm jack. 

Plug and Play. Only need two 9V batteries to power the loop set (not included). 

Simple Use. Wear and power the loop set, plug your cell phone, carefully put the earpiece into your ear, then you can talk with other people via this system. 

You can adjust the volume via your cell phone. 


- Mini wireless earpiece receives signal by inductive coil, by electromagnetic field. 

- Can’t operate with alkaline battery. 

- The battery can last for 5 hrs. 

- Audio bandwidth is from 300 Hz to 4 KHz. 

- Distortion is less than 2%. 

- The inductive coil and mini wireless earpiece should be together within 70-100 cm. 

**Note: Once again This is not intended to be used for illegal activities. 

Package Content: 

2 x earpiece 

1 x loop set + jack (3.5mm) 

1 x Magnet stick for taking out the earpiece (also can work as middle size earpiece)